1. How much does the session cost?
Nothing. It’s absolutely free. The hospital has contracted with Little Lavender to provide each of their new moms with a complimentary newborn session that takes place in her hospital room.

2. How do I schedule my complimentary session?
Typically on your second day in the hospital, one of our photographers will check with you to schedule a time later in the day to photograph your baby.

3. How long should I expect the session to last?
15-20 minutes

4. Is this the typical hospital picture I have from my childhood?
No, not at all. Our style is beautifully simple. Our team of photographers are experienced portrait and newborn photographers. They will not only photograph your baby’s sweet face, but will also document one of your family’s most special days. You can expect artistic and storytelling images.

5. How will I view my pictures?
You will be able to view and order your portraits right from your hospital room just minutes after they are taken.

6. Will I be able to share my session with family and friends?
With any collection purchase, you will receive a password protected online gallery to share with friends and family.

7. What if I love every image, and I cant part with any of them?
Our most popular selection is our digital collection. You will receive every image immediately in a downloadable gallery. This is perfect for sharing your little one’s arrival on social media before you even leave the hospital.

8. I’m not feeling the prettiest. I’m not sure if I want to be photographed.
Take it from us: these few days are some of the most precious days you will experience in your life. They will also fly by. In just a week, your baby will have already grown and changed. You will never regret having this time documented. No matter how you feel, there’s nothing more beautiful than a new mother in love.

9. My baby is in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Can we still get a session?
Yes, Yes, Yes! We love to celebrate with you when it’s time to take your baby home. Just let your nurse know, and we will be there to document your happy day!

Tips to prepare for the session:

What should I wear?
First of all, don’t stress. Truthfully, anything is fine. The pajamas or robe you brought will be perfect.

What should my baby wear?
Our biggest tip is do not over dress. Newborns are naturally beautiful. A diaper and a blanket from home is all they need.

What about siblings and family?
Yes! These guys are an important part of this time. We love to include daddies, siblings and even grandparents if they are visiting.

What about all of our stuff?
Dont worry, we will be happy to move items out of our camera frame.

Should I feed my baby before the session?
Yes, babies are happiest when they’re warm and full. Feeding them right before the session will relax them to help capture sweet memories. Increase your room temperature as well.